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Photos from 1957 at RAF Station Brize Norton, England when the 380th Bomb Wing was on a 90 day TDY there.

TDY at Brize Norton 1957, Looks to be ready for preflight

Breaking ground, RAF Brize Norton 1957Water Alcohol Take-off

Inflight, good view of the vortex generators on top of the wing

Back on the ground
And here is the Crewchief, Wes Bender, 380th BW, 530th BS


This photo was sent in by Bob Silver, 321st BW McCoy AFB Fl.

Bob Silver, Navigator; Bill Clifton, CP, Carl Axtell, Pilot


Flight Line VierView of the Flight Line Parking Ramp – Sidi Slimane Air Base. MoroccoAlert FacilitiesAlert Quarters in Morocco – Thanks to Jerry Schwarzman

Tsgt Joe Davis, Ssgt Harold Payne and Tsgt Leslie Spence, NCOIC 19th BW Hyd Shop

Thanks to Harold Payne.

380th BW Crew with BG Gillen (center) Ssgt Bernier, Ssgt Carlson & A/2c Beadle

EB-47E 51-2135 Parked at Pima Air Museum.                                                                               

This EB-47E was launched to MASDC in Tucson by Jerry Hayman and Ralph Beadle. They sent 2135 to Tucson in December 1964, and it is the only B-47 still there. 

This photo was taken near the flight line at Zaragoza during reflex, February 1961. According to their Wing Commander, this crew flew the first perfect navigator flight check in the history of SAC.  L to R, Jack Motes AC, Lou Malucci Nav, and Jim Cooper C/P.


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  1. I was in the 801st CDS at Lockbourne from Apr of 1963 to Apr of 1965…I spent almost the entire 2 years at Brize Norton and then Upper Heyford..As a guard looking at the pictures it brings back such memories..I retired in 1987 as Superintendent of Comm Operations at Eilson AFB…Tks for the memories!!

  2. I had the privilege of being assigned to the maintenance sq. in 1951 thru 1954 at MacDill AFB, Fla. Enjoyed my air force career, what a beautiful aircraft.

  3. I am a civilian, born in 1961. Seeing pics like these make me proud to be an American, and remind me how fortunate I am to be from the USA. Thanks to all the men and women who dedicated parts of their lives to being stationed at bases around the world for the sole purpose of keeping us and the free world safe and living free! May God bless you all!
    Jeff F.

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