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I have changed the format for reunions to this page and will place any B-47 Wing reunions below along with the contact person and and pertinent information or Site. They will be listed by date of occurrence with the exception of the B-47 Stratojet Association Reunion being placed first. Please contact me with your information. e-mail  Jim Diamond


B-47 Association 2014 Reunion:

  • The location, dates, and hotel are set for the 2014 Reunion.                                   LOCATION:  Ft. Walton Beach, FL                                                                             DATES:  Thursday, 30 October 2014 to Sunday 2 November 2014.                       HOTEL:  Ramada Plaza Beach Resort, 1500 Miracle Strip Parkway. Ft. Walton   Beach, FL.                                 (use below link)                                                                                            Ramada Beach Plaza Hotel Reservation                                                               (or Phone (800) 874 8962) Group Code “Stratojet”                 TOURS:  Friday; US Naval Air Museum, Pensacola, FL. (By Bus).                         Link to  NAS Museum         Saturday; Eglin AFB and USAF Armaments Museum, Shalimar, FL (By Bus).                                                                                                                                             For information as relates to the 2014 Fort Walton Beach Reunion we have made Pdf Files that will give you all the information on the upcoming reunion. To download and save and/or print the information for the 2014 Fort Walton Beach Reunion just click on the below links.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             2014 Fort Walton Beach Reunion AGENDA                                                               2014 Fort Walton Beach Reunion FLYER                                                           2014 Fort Walton Beach Reunion REGISTRATION    


                                 STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND REUNION                                                                                                     POSTPONED


I unfortunately have to notify all of you that the SAC reunion has been postponed until sometime this fall due to reasons beyond our control.  As new dates become available and are locked it we will post the new dates and pricing information for the new schedule.


   (Click here for SAC Reunion site for information and to register)


(Or click here to download a SAC Reunion PDF)

Tentative Schedule of Events Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino

May 15-18, 2014 THURSDAY, MAY 15 Arrive, Sam’s Town Casino and Hotel, Bossier City, LA 3-5 p.m. Registration (2nd Floor) 5-7 p.m. Ice Breaker (2nd Floor Back Patio behind registration booth)Cash Bar and light Hors d’oeuvres FRIDAY, MAY 16 9 a.m.- noon Golf at Barksdale AFB Fox Run Course (pay as you go) Create your own 4 man team (transportation by POV) 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Spouse Tours (running trolley to Louisiana Boardwalk and Mardi Gras Museum) 1-4 p.m. Tentative Professional Development (Ballroom A): Strategic Deterrence Coalition 6 p.m. Social Hour in Sam’s Town Ballroom – Cash Bar 7 p.m. Dinner in Sam’s Town Ballroom Speaker: Former Vice President Dick Cheney

Menu: Tender Bibb Lettuce and Tomatoes, Pine Nuts, Radicchio, Artichoke Hearts and Mushrooms, Filet Mignon with Chef’s Special Sauce and Two Large Grilled Shrimp, Pommes Williams Potato, Asparagus Spears, Bombe Dessert. (Cash Bar)


SATURDAY, MAY 17 8:45 a.m. Air Force Enlisted Village Briefing Speaker: Retired Chief Master Sgt. Jim Binnicker, Air Force Enlisted Village President and CEO, also Ninth Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force 9-9:45 a.m. First Shuttle departs at 9 a.m. for Memorial Service. Shuttle service to the memorial will continue until 9:45 a.m. Early departure provides opportunity to visit the Global Power Museum and Air Park prior to the Memorial service.
10 a.m. Memorial Service at Barksdale Global Power Museum Airpark Speaker: Retired Lt. Gen. Brett M. Dula, Former Vice Commander, ACC 11-11:45 a.m. First Shuttle departs from Memorial Service for Sam’s Town at 11 a.m. Shuttle service to the Hotel will continue until 11:45 a.m. 12:15 p.m.

Lunch in Sam’s Town Ballroom Presentation: 2nd Bomb Wing “Fab Five” Menu: Field Greens with Ripe Tomatoes, Southern Fried Steak with country Gravy, Fresh Whipped Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans with Julienne Carrots 2 p.m.

Business Meeting in Sam’s Town Ballroom immediately following lunch 6 p.m. Social Hours in Sam’s Town Ballroom – Cash Bar 7 p.m. Dinner in Sam’s Town Ballroom Speaker: Surprise Menu: Seasonal Mixed Greens Salad, Stuffed Chicken Breast with Sun Dried Tomatoes, Prosciutto Ham, Asiago Cheese and Fresh Basil Laced with Roasted Pepper Cream Sauce, Cajun Rice, vegetables and Italian Crème Cake

SUNDAY, MAY 18 Breakfast- On your own Departures Current as of Feb. 20, 2014


91st SRW 2014 Reunion

The 2014 Reunion of the 91st SRW Association will be 12 – 16 August at the Hope Hotel, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.  Details will be in the January Recon Recorder.  You will be encouraged to arrive at least one day early and not to leave prior to the 17th.

Jim Bard

Click below to download Registration Form.

91st Reunion Form



                                                    AUGUST 14-17, 2014                                                   

                           [Click here to download Reunion Registration Form]                                            

100th Bomb Wing 15th Reunion

100th Bomb Wing 15th Reunion, San Antonio, Texas, To be held at the Crockett Hotel, Sept 18-21, 2014.  Information and registration form at

Contact:  Bill Obert, 28163 Belle Mont Trail, Conifer, CO 80433-8126,                         Phone (303) 838-3006 or (303) 520-7643,


Lakenheath High School Reunion

During the 1960s dependent children stationed at most bases in England attended one high school at one location, RAF Lakenheath AFB at the Lakenheath High School. Due to this ….

 There will be a 50th year Lakenheath High School Reunion in Chicago   commencing June 29th, and  ending July 1, departing July 2nd, 2014.  Although the reunion is centered on the Class of 1964, anyone who attended Lakenheath High School especially during the ’60s is welcomed. It will be held at the downtown Chicago Omni Hotel.  Please contact Richard Thorton at

To download the Reunion Registration Form Click here

 Lakenheath High School Reunion Registration



43 thoughts on “Reunions

    • Art; Thanks for dropping by. What wing were you in at Pease? I had the FMS Aero Repair shop at RAF Brize Norton when you guys were pulling reflex over there.

  1. Glad to find your site and scavenge information from it. It’s now bookmarked !
    509th BW 3/1958 – 2/1966, and time spent flying as CP then AC with all squadrons and Standardization Board. (I’ve even a few months flying with the 100th BW, at the end of the B-47, but I seldom mention that.)

    • Robin; Thanks for dropping by and letting us know about you. Hopefully others when reading through the site might recall you and make contact.

  2. Hi Guys, My Dad was the 509th Wing Commander from 1960 to 1962. Many great memories of Pease A.F.B. and the Mighty B-47! My Dad’s name, Col.D.G. McPherson who passed away four years ago. Great Web site!

    • Dave; Thanks for your post. The 509th Bomb Wing is still going strong and in use today where it is the home of the B-2 Bomber near me at Whiteman AFB Missouri.

  3. Jim,

    My wife and I sat with you and your family for a delightful evening at the Columbia, MO “Salute To Veterans” banquet tonight. Enjoyed meeting you and talking. Great website…interesting aircraft.


    • Al; Thanks for your post and comment. My wife and I really enjoyed attending the “Salute To Veterans” and to be seated at the table with you and your wife as well as being seated with Sally and Col DeBellevue, one of the Honored guests. So I’ll also add, ‘GO TIGERS’ and salute the Missouri University ROTC program.

  4. Just a tip of the hat to Deb Flack and Art Weiner for the great job they did on the LAST REUNION OF LAFB COMRADS. Such a sad scene to see what little is left of the old base. But the 121st ARW of the OANG does a great job keeping the flag flying with it’s Global Reach Missions.

    • Hi Tony,
      I was at MacDill A.F.B 1958 to 1961 at which time I was discharged. I was in the 306th Bomb Wing and worked in the old PMS Squadron which later became the OMS Squadron. I was there when we won the world bomb competition and had worked on the B-47 that won it. Big celebration in one of the hangers when the aircraft returned. I started out in the 2nd Air Force but this was later changed to the 8th Air Force. Col. Paul Tibbets was base commander and was promoted to Brig. General while I was there.

  5. Thanks Jim for telling me about this B-47 web site. The comments are informative as to reunions and I wish i could be able to join you in Tucson.


  6. Served at Hunter A.F.B. Savannah GA Feb. 1957 to Sept. 1960 49th Bomb Sqdn. aircraft # 53-1953 great bird !!! live in Savannah married 54 years 2 sons, 6 grands, retired Maint. supervisor. Now a gentleman farmer.

  7. Jim … 1st Class website. Enjoyed the Tucson reunion photos. I attended the Omaha reunion and hope to make the one in Florida. I was a B-47 Radar Observer in the 66th BS, 44th BW at Lake Charles (1954-1956). Went from there to B-52’s, Atlas D’s, B-58’s, and F-111A’s. … Bob Eve

  8. Was at Hunter AFB from 1953 to 1962, 49th Bomb Sqdn. Crewed several B-47Es, 53-2322, 53-1944, 53-2170 was last one took it to bomb comp in 1960. left when SAC did. Went into minuteman program at Minot AFB, 455th Msl. Wg. Then changed to 91st. Retired in 1974. Cmsgt William Henderson (Ret.)

    • Bill, FYI – The 91st SRW Association field of membership includes the 91st missileers. The current 91MW CC, VC & Cmd Chief are members. Details of our next reunion can be found here on the B47 site or on our website, OR write to me at

    • Bill, I remember I was the ECM Tech for 53-2170 during The SAC Bombing Competion when we won best B-47. It seems to me the B-52’s took the first 2 positions in 1962, 2nd BW at Hunter AFB. I am now retired from Hughes Aircraft/Raytheon, living in Albuquerque. My wife Carol and I have 3 girls and a boy and 2 grand kids.

  9. Jim, could you post our reunion to your site. Its an annual event and held in Savannah.

    308th A&E 2012 Reunion
    26th – 27th April 2013

    It’s that time again to start making plans to attend the 2013
    308th A&E Reunion in Savannah.

    We have negotiated group rates at the Comfort Suites Gateway,
    596 Al Henderson Blvd, (912) 920-9499
    When making reservations specify the group rates for the 308th A&E
    Reunion (Group Account 1153541). This hotel is at the I95 Exit 94. Directions are available on-line at the above web site.

    Arrangements for the dinner banquets are as follows. On both Friday, 26 April and Saturday, 27 April we’ll meet at Carey Hillard’s Restaurant on Abercorn at 6:00PM for a get together and dinner. A different menu will be served each night. Dress will be casual for all events.
    John O’Shaughnessy
    852 Wimbledon Circle
    Macon, GA 31210-8215

  10. I’m the Professor and Head of the Department of History at the USAF Academy. My Dad, Major Maurice L. “Blackie” Wells, now deceased, was a CP and Aircraft Commander in the 380 BW, 528 Bomb Sqdn, Plattsburgh AFB, from 1959-1965. I’m interested in hearing from anybody who was at Plattsburgh, remembers, or served with him.

  11. I was in the 509th from 1956 thru 1959. started at Roswell New Mexico in the electric shop under M/Sgt Phil lee. witnessed a B-47 burn to the ground on the parking ramp. Believe it was a plane from the 393rd. Went to Pease AFB in 1958 and was discharged in Oct of 1959. Would like to hear from anyone still above ground. Respectfully submitted A/1c Jerry Schwecke.

    • Reply to Jerry Schwecke post comment of March 8th 2013- Hello Jerry: I was with the 509th from 1958 thru 1961. I also started at Roswell New Mexico in the electric shop. I did not see the 47 burn but heard a lot about it. Went to Pease AFB in 1958. I worked out of the electric shop under field maintenance. I believe M/Sgt Land was honcho at the time. Worked on B 47’s & KC 97’s . Was on Leapfrog Team. We would TDY to Goosebay. Your name sounds familar. Did you know a guy from Hawaii
      named Ronald Bow ? Did you have a 57 Chevy on base and hail from California, If you did then we probably worked out of the same shop.
      None finer than a 509′er 1957 thru 1961
      Best regards,
      Fred Ottaviano

      • Hi to Fred Ottaviano; just reading your post re the 509th. yes I had a 57 chevy from Calif. I ran around with a fellow airman with a 56 red Corvette. Ronald bow was a electrican with me and a couple other guys I remember were Joe Cooper, Mike Clancy, Robert Pike, Roger Bremseth, John Andrews, Sgt Lee was our NCO at the electric shop. Lee did not go to Pease but Sgt Land was the NCO at Pease. the owner of the Corvette was Jess Hesler. Thanks for the update. Regards, Jerry Schwecke

    • I was also in the 509th FMS R- 4360-59 B Recip. Engine Mechanic. The B-47 that burned was setting less than 200 feet from the door where I was building up an Engine. The airman that burned in the crawl space lived in the barracks next to the one I lived in. We had a KC-97 that we had to push out of the way by hand. Can you imagine that! It took a lot of us but we moved it. The airman that burned with the plane was changing out a fuel boost pump in the crawl space.

      • Just reading your post on the 509th website. I was just up the flight line when we saw the fire on that B-47. the electrician was well liked by everybody in our shop. He was a real smart electrican. Everyone wondered how that it could happen. Good to hear from you. regards Jerry Schwecke


    • Hey Jerry I was at Roswell too was in the 6 th Bomb Wing Walker AFB 57 & 58 Sent 59 & 60 At Pease AFB Portmouth NH great years.Tony Santagate 509th 393rd ground crew aircraft # 560

  12. Glad you are still hanging in there Jack, not too many of us here anymore.
    I have a pic of Dave McPherson’s Dad and I at Pease. He was giving me first place trophy for slot car racing. Har har guess I didn’t work too hard on the 47,s.

    • Marvin; Good to hear from you again. Have you looked at the Crew Chief’s Corner page? Several pictures taken at Brize Norton. Send me the picture of you receiving that high award at Pease. I think we can find a place for it. You still in Maryville?

  13. I was in the 509th ARS at Walker AFB and went to England TDY doing post flights on the Recip. engines of the KC-97 Aircraft. Transfered to Engine build up and stayed in 509th FMS Engine Build UP til discharged in July 1959. Had TDY’s to Lakenheath England, Goose Bay Lab. and Thule Greenland. I had a lot of fun memories at Roswell NM and a lot of memories from Pease AFB New Hampshire.

  14. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first aircraft electricians to be assigned to the B-47s we had three when i arrived at Mcdill we spent about three days on the flight line and two in classes.a week. After we grew to three bomb wings our trip to England for T.D.Y. for three months was a great memory. General Lemay always keep us on our toes. Ha . the movie filming of The Strategic Air
    command was a highlight I could go on but i dont want to bore you all.

  15. I was stationed in the 44th OMS at Chenault AFB, Lake Charles, Louisiana from 1953 until 1963. I was in the 44th until it closed. I then transferred into
    the 68th OMS at Chenault until the base closed in 1963. I was a crew chief
    on B-47’s during that time. I then transferred to Det 2, 55th weather squadron where I was on WB-47’s at Hickam AFB, Hawaii. When I arrived
    At Hickam except for about 4 engine specialist I was the only one with prior
    B-47 experience. I had to train everyone on refueling, preflight insp. and postflight inspections. I also got to preflight a lot of SAC B47’s when they
    Came through on their way to their reflex base and did’nt have a crew chief
    On board. In 1966 I transferred to MAC where I was assigned to
    Maintenance standardization. This is where I finished up my. Career in the Air Force. The last B-47 that I was crew chief on is now on permanent display at
    the Boeing Museum in Seattle, Washington. Tail Number 51-7066

  16. Hi Ernie; I remember you, been a long time ago, really enjoyed the B-47 years. As I said I left Hunter when SAC did, went to Minot on Minuteman. Then the SAC IG team, then retired in 1974 after 22 yrs. Good to hear from You. Bill Henderson in Spartanburg, SC

  17. Was stationed at PAFB 1963 to 1966 on the flight line working from the B section as crew chief, Went to Brize Norton AFB several times. Anyone out there, contact me at Hope to hear from you. Elmer Billips

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