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  1. Previously I commented on RB47 A/C 52-0708, this was an error, it was A/C 52-0702 Oct. 1959. In addition the crash landing a Forbes July 1957 was on film, in order to show the attitude of the A/C on landing, the base had just started filming. The Copilot touched down on the left outrigger and blew the tire. The Magnesium rim ignited and started the fire. When the main gear broke off it opened up the fwd. main tank. Our crash & rescue were good, this was not declared an emergency.
    The A/C was assigned to the 321st SRS, 90th SRW. Shooting Touch & Go’s. Daily C & R responded to a KC97 with one (1) feathered.
    A/1C Ray Adams

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