Tucson Reunion 2012 Pictures

You may order any of the photos from the photographer that was taking pictures during the reunion. Cost for the photos are: 4 x 6 @ $7.00 ea. 5 x 7 @ $10.00 ea.  and 8 x 10 @ $18.00 ea. To order photo(s), contact roadrunnerphoto@yahoo.com and refer to the number on the photo(s) send a check to:                           Roadrunner Photo 1836 N. Stapley Dr. #1, Mesa, AZ 85203-2671                           (Where the number does not show on the photos place your mouse over photo and/or double click to view the full photo and number.) There are 308 photos here!!!

Arrival and Social Hour


Coach trip to Pima Air Museum



Arrival at the Pima Air Museum

The following photos were before and at the Saturday Night Banquet


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  1. Mr. Jack Diamond I Would like to say what a wonderful time we had at the 2012 reunion. My first reunion, because of the dinner speaker. Our President was gracious in allowing me to talk of the Obenauf incident as I remember it from the Flight Chief view. What a HERO! There are other memories that remain of two other fatal crashes. 031 we lost a crew and crew chief S/Sgt Burdett and 2222 with the crew and S/Sgt Snyder

    1. Jerry; The photos on that page are only for those who might want to obtain a full size picture from the photographer and are placed there for any one to obtain the copy by using the printed number on the photo and contact information on them obtaining same.

    1. Horace; For obvious reasons we only provide a list of our membership to our members. We would like to include you in that group. Go to the page ‘Membership” and follow the instructions on that page.

  2. I have presently met the wife of Col. McDonald. Her first name is Mary and she resides at the Freedom Inn Assistant Living complex. Col. Raymond McDonald died in a plane in Idaho on a low level flying mission. My father Ret. Msgt Clayton O. Farnsworth Jr. was at DM when the B-47’s were there. My mother is presently at Freedom Inn also and is friend’s with the form Mrs. McDonald.

  3. I was born in Little Rock, AR January 1958. My Dad Jack Eversole, Sr. was flying B-47’s at the time until 1966 when we lived at Forbes AFB. Just checking to see if anyone might have remembered my dad. He passed away in March 2008. Thank you

    1. Jack:

      Sorry to hear of your loss – I was stationed at Little Rock the same time as your dad. I did not know him that well; however, had occasion to pull alert with him a few times. Maybe I would remember more but too much time has gone by since then. Sorry for the blank I’m drawing beyond knowing who he was.


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