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We now have B-47 related items for sale through CafePress.
Prior to ordering, suggest you read the below disclaimer.
To view items for sale, click on Cafepress Sale below. 
To order all other items you may want use this link.


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  1. Please pass to Lou Malucci. I would like to hear from him. We both graduated from Oberlin, him in 55, me in 57.

  2. Notice to all Members! The company that “used” to make our Flight Jackets (Positive Impressions) has gone Bankrupt!
    If you ordered your jacket and paid for it on a credit card contact the card company to try to get a refund, claiming deception on a transaction. For those who paid by check I guess you lost your money!!!
    I sent a registered letter to Mr. Mark Ingle, the former president of Positive Impressions and the USPS returned it to me as UNDELIVERABLE!!!
    The issue of looking for another supplier will be addressed at the October Board of Governors Meeting.

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