Memorial Patio Bricks

Preserve history and pay tribute to a loved one.  The memorial Patio Walk is located in the front of the Strategic Air and Space Museum between the Thor and Blue Scout Missiles.  The walk is created out of bricks each engraved with a tribute to an individual or group.  The patio provides a resting spot for Museum guests.  All of the bricks purchased by the B-47 Stratojet Association members will be grouped together.  You can create this permanent remembrance for only $500.  One hundred dollars of this goes to create and place the brick in the walk and $400 goes directly into the restoration fund for the restoration of the only B-47 bomber model left in the world that is in an indoor protected area.

If you are interested in obtaining a brick, please click here:


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Preserving the legacy of the Boeing B-47 StratoJet Bomber