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Photos from 1957 at RAF Station Brize Norton, England when the 380th Bomb Wing was on a 90 day TDY there.

TDY at Brize Norton 1957, Looks to be ready for preflight

Breaking ground, RAF Brize Norton 1957Water Alcohol Take-off

Inflight, good view of the vortex generators on top of the wing

Back on the ground
And here is the Crewchief, Wes Bender, 380th BW, 530th BS


This photo was sent in by Bob Silver, 321st BW McCoy AFB Fl.

Bob Silver, Navigator; Bill Clifton, CP, Carl Axtell, Pilot


Flight Line VierView of the Flight Line Parking Ramp – Sidi Slimane Air Base. MoroccoAlert FacilitiesAlert Quarters in Morocco – Thanks to Jerry Schwarzman

Tsgt Joe Davis, Ssgt Harold Payne and Tsgt Leslie Spence, NCOIC 19th BW Hyd Shop

Thanks to Harold Payne.

380th BW Crew with BG Gillen (center) Ssgt Bernier, Ssgt Carlson & A/2c Beadle

EB-47E 51-2135 Parked at Pima Air Museum.                                                                               

This EB-47E was launched to MASDC in Tucson by Jerry Hayman and Ralph Beadle. They sent 2135 to Tucson in December 1964, and it is the only B-47 still there. 

This photo was taken near the flight line at Zaragoza during reflex, February 1961. According to their Wing Commander, this crew flew the first perfect navigator flight check in the history of SAC.  L to R, Jack Motes AC, Lou Malucci Nav, and Jim Cooper C/P.


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  1. My father was Tommy Thompson & he was a pilot in the 321st back in the mid-late 50s. Thanks for posting such great memories!

    1. I was stationed at McCoy in an F-89 FIS Sqdn and we supported the 321st BW. Watched a many B-47 take off and land during my 3 years at McCoy Jul 1958 to Jul 61, went to Elmendorf after that for 7 years, they also had B-47s when I arrived. Any one got any photos of B-47s at McCoy?

  2. I was in the 801st CDS at Lockbourne from Apr of 1963 to Apr of 1965…I spent almost the entire 2 years at Brize Norton and then Upper Heyford..As a guard looking at the pictures it brings back such memories..I retired in 1987 as Superintendent of Comm Operations at Eilson AFB…Tks for the memories!!

  3. I had the privilege of being assigned to the maintenance sq. in 1951 thru 1954 at MacDill AFB, Fla. Enjoyed my air force career, what a beautiful aircraft.

  4. I am a civilian, born in 1961. Seeing pics like these make me proud to be an American, and remind me how fortunate I am to be from the USA. Thanks to all the men and women who dedicated parts of their lives to being stationed at bases around the world for the sole purpose of keeping us and the free world safe and living free! May God bless you all!
    Jeff F.

    1. My daddy lost his life in one of these B47-E strato jets in 1961. I not yet two years old when he was killed. Thank you for your recognition of those who dedicated their lives to our great country.

      1. Hello geoincalifornia:
        I hope this email gets to you. I just read that you were/are looking for info about your father’s accident/etc.

        I am a former SAC B47 CC and may have served with your father. If you are interested in the limited amount of info I have for you, please call me @ hm ph 918 787 7921, I live in Grove, OK. I am very interested talking with you. Please know the B47 CC’s were proud to serve with your Dad.
        After my years (1960-64) in B47’s & SAC, I continued my career in aviation, education, and a career in the US Navy (Aeronautical Engineering) through three Wars, that my SAC service prepared me for.
        I hope this email finds you at peace through these Holidays of 2018.

        Dave Neel, Commander, USN, (ret.)

  5. While stationed at Lockbourne AFB from 1960 to 1963, as a camera repairman, I serviced the O-15 radar camera on the aircraft pictured above with the tail number 2135.. You can not believe the memories that flooded my mind when I, once again saw this marvelous aircraft.
    Thanks for the memories..
    J. G. Zenoby Sr.

    1. I was also stationed at Lockbourne from 61 till the B-47s phased out. I was a nav in the 512th Bomb Sq. I still have in my checklist the radar photos for the airborne radar approach for both runways. They don’t look like that today. I’m looking for my former copilot Stuart Lustfield and former A/C Jim Platt.

  6. Looking for any info on my father-in-law, TSGT Edgar Stoelting who was in the 343rd in early to mid 1950s. His career during that time is a little unclear but I think he transitioned on crews from RB-29, RB-50 and RB-47. Thanks.

  7. I have a bunch of photos taken by Life Magizine during their coverage of the crew in Spain. These were Life”s pic’s they gave my dad for the 12/23/57 edition. A bunch of pilots I do not have names of, but some folks may recognize dads or granddads in the pics if there is any interest.

    1. Hi John – What a nice offer. I would hope to see my Dad (Wallace J. ‘Jack’ McKenzie, Col. USAF Ret.) in those pictures somewhere; he was a B-47 pilot in the 339th BS flying out of Dyess AFB (’57-’61), and flew many Reflex missions to Zaragoza. We then moved to Torrejon AFB, Madrid Spain in ’61 as Aide de Camp to Gen. Ryan. My email is: for any photos you’d care to send in any format. My ph. # if need be: 512-413-0015. Many thanks! Kevin McKenzie

  8. One additional comment, While at McCoy, we had a B-25 and 4 C-124 assigned . Also involved in the B-47 Bomb Comp, the 321st used our hanger for keeping score, 50-80 B-47s parked in front of our fighter operations, Gen Curtis Lemay was head of SAC back then, no cameras on flight line. Any one have pictures from the bomb comp?? Norm

  9. I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath from 1954-57 as an armorer on B-47’s, Loved the Country and people. Many good memories.
    Married a beautiful Lady from Glasgow, Scotland.

  10. Has anyone seen the picture of a B47 in flight, taken from another A/C from above with Stone Mountain(Ga)? The photo a/c was so close that the pilot and copilot were looking up at the photo plane. The pic had been enlarged to about 3 foot by 5 foot and was on display at Doug McCurdy Cheverolet(closed) in the parts dept.

  11. I am looking for someone who knows Bryden Dahlke. He was a Maintenance inspector at Pease AFB in the 60’s. He was in the 509th Maintenance squadron. He was responsible for having over 100 B-47 flights without any breakdowns. My name is Rudy Kloeble and I am his step son.

    1. Hi Rudy my name is AL Morris and i have a friend that lives in New Market NH and he was in one of the Maintenance Squadrons i am not sure if it was the 509th but i was there at that time 61-62 in the 817th
      Combat Defense Squadron 509th BW, I Will try and get a hold of Him
      and ask if he worked with Your Step Dad or knew him? it may be a
      while but as soon as i can Take Care AL

      1. Hi Rudy, i did get to talk with my friend and he said ” That name doe’s sound familiar and we did work a long side the guy’s from
        the 509th but the guy’s i do remember were all in the 100Th BW ”
        I thought it was worth a shot but i am sorry it didn’t pan-out
        Take Care AL

  12. My dad, Glenn H. Jones was head of the Boeing Photo Unit, 1938 to 1978. I’ve inherited his photo archives. Recently came across a number of B-47 slides, including the XB-47.

  13. I’m looking for someone who knew my brother Robert (Blaise) Conte. He was a pilot/copliot at Pease AFB in the early 60’s. I was quite young at the time, but I remember being allowed to climb the crew ladder into the cockpit area of a B-47. I would appreciate any info or stories that anyone has. Thank you

  14. I was at Sidi from 1959 to 1963 when the base closed; worked in Special Services and as interpreter to Base Commander Col. Johnson; knew practically every B-47 crew that reflexed from Little Rock and Topeka and spent a lot of time at the flight line cafeteria watching them arrive and depart… what an awesome group! we were so proud of them…

    1. I reflexed to Sidi from Topeka ’60 thru ’63. Were you one of the ladies who kept a supply of local wine in their car trunks? That was an interesting assignment, with R & R to Spain!

      1. Hello Joe DuBois.. I remember you and probably got you a seat to Spain after asking you if you were French!!.. I used to take requests and assign seats (made me a very popular person!). No, I did not carry wine in the trunk of my car!… it was the school teachers who did! who was in your crew? wonderful memories…

      2. Joe DuBois.. you will never believe what happened today: going through “old things”, I came across a 1962 diary of mine.. 2 entries: Thursday April 5th and August 30th: received letters from Joe! your address was PO Box 97, 45th Bomb Squad, 40th Bomb Wing, Forbes AFB – Topeka – 57 years… awesome!

  15. My uncle Capt. John B. Owen Jr. was a B-47 pilot based at Mt. Home AFB, Id in the mid to late 1950s, would like to hear from anyone who knew him.

  16. I was a crew chief on WB-47E’s in the 53 WRS (Hurricane Hunters) located at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, where we had 6 aircraft. Unfortunately, I have seen very little information on this part of the B-47’s history! I was at Ramey in late 1968-1969. At that time, they found heavy corrosion in the tail section of these aircraft and flew them to the bone yard!

  17. Anyone remember my dad David Stoessel. What I remember, stationed at Peace, Plattsburg, and McClellan AFBs. Share any stories. Thanks. John

    1. Hi John, I was at Pease in the 60’s and remember your dad well. we’re having a reunion of the 100th BW on Nov 6,7,8th at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas. Would love to have you come. Give a call

      Charlie Wilson

  18. I was at Lockbourne with the 91st SRW , 323rd Squadron and then the 376th BW ECM, 512th Squadron from 1957 until 1963 when I was transferred to Naha AB, Okinawa on C-130s. My best friend in tech school and at Lockbourne was William A. Sheppard. I lost track of Bill after I departed Lockbourne. Does anyone know where he was transferred to when the B-47s were phased out? I eventually ended up retiring from the Air Force and the old adage that once in SAC you never get out of SAC pretty much held true for me as after serving in PACAF three times and MAC I ended up back in SAC with the 100th SRW at Davis Monthan where I retired in 1976 and ultimately wound up working for the Air Force as a civilian.

  19. Hello to anyone who served in the Air Force in Sidi Slimane Air Force Base at the AACS Transmitter Site from 1957 to 1959. My email address is Send me a message. Ken Cagasan

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