A Final Flight

JE Diamond AFIt is with great sadness that we announce that Jim Diamond, the B-47 Association’s longtime Webmaster passed away on 3 July 2014 after a short battle with cancer. Jim, a retired Master Sergeant served his country and from the very early days of the B-47 Association served on its Board of Directors. He also served as the President of the 40th until his untimely death. In honor of his service the B-47 Association Board of Directors has made a contribution to the Strategic Air and Space Museum toward the refurbishment of their B-47 and a brick reading “MSGT JIM DIAMOND, 40BW C/CHIEF, B-47 ASSOC BOARD” will be placed in the memorial plaza at the museum.

B-47 Memorial Re-dedicated

In February and May 1961, two 40th Bomb Plot. Bomb Wing B-47’s crashed while on runs against the Ironwood bomb plot. The crashes occurred within two miles of each other in the forest, about 14 miles south of Hurley, Wisconsin. Six crew members lost their lives. On 24 February Captain J P Garrett, Lt TM Stalmach, Lt G H Hanify and Lt C. F. Weise were all killed when their aircraft went in. Later, on 2 May, Lt D D. Hariton and Capt D. B. Rasmussen lost their lives while Capts F. Mead and John Hill survived.  About twenty years ago an individual built a small memorial on the site of the second crash. About two years ago, members of the local NCO Association undertook a project to refurbish the memorial.  Retired Army Sgt Curt Meyers headed this project and in a short time the group raised over $20,000 for the memorial.

On 28 June 2014, the site was dedicated with a community wide celebration and the presence of Capt. Rasmussen’s entire family. The citizens of the town of Hurley demonstrated their patriotism and deep appreciation for the sacrifices of Cold War Warriors such as those who flew and maintained the B-47.  The site was officially designated as a Wisconsin State Memorial and is open to the public at all times.  For its precise location, contact the Hurley WI Chamber of Commerce.  Bomb Wing B-47’s crashed while on runs against the Ironwood

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 The B-47 Strat-O-Jet Association was formed in 1996 to preserve the legacy of the Boeing B-47 and to honor the men who flew and maintained it throughout the darkest days of the Cold War. During the 1950s and early 1960s the B-47 played a vital role as a mainstay of the United States nuclear deterrent forces.  The B-47s and their crews stood on nuclear alert during the Cold War, prepared to strike the Soviet Union and its client states with only a few minutes warning. B-47 Stratojets eventually equipped twenty-eight of Strategic Air Command’s medium bombardment wings and also flew vital strategic reconnaissance missions.

The swept-wing, multi-jet engine design of the Boeing B-47 Stratojet bomber provided a model for commercial jet airliners from the time of its introduction in the late 1940s through the 1960s.  Commercial aircraft such as the Boeing 707, the Boeing 747 and the Douglas DC-8 owe their aerodynamic profiles to this Cold War bomber.

Soon after forming the Association, we decided to make an Internet Presence and became the B-47.Com to allow our membership a means of fellowship connection as well to inform the Internet community and general public of our place in history while proudly serving our nation during the Cold War.

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