SAC B-47 Crew Life

This page will take you on several trips, using Pdf Files. These Operational and Reflex trips including R&R trips were taken in the 1950s and 1960s during an ordinary service career flying the B-47. By clicking on each file below you will download and be able to view a Pdf File of that trip.                                          

“Photos provided by Gus Letto and Dick Purdum”

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8 thoughts on “SAC B-47 Crew Life”

  1. Think these trips down memory lane are really interesting particularly as I remember some of this activity from outside the fence in England as a teenage tail spotter!

    One small point regarding Gus’s photo of an EB-47E at Greenham Common, captioned as 34216. Suggest this is 34215 as 216, according to its records, was never an ECM variant serving with the 44,305,2 and 98BW’s.

    Living near Greenham I noted nearly all of the 301st’s EB-47E’s rotate through there 1960 – 62, including the “City of Columbus” – 32121. Saw most of them again at Brize Norton ’62 – ’64 during the 301st’s Reflex there. When they moved back to Greenham in April’64 this co-incided with the school holidays and by good luck I happened to be outside the base when they arrived. First indication that something good was going to happen, on Wed 1st April, was when Greenham’s Follow Me truck went past on the Northern taxiway with a large “Welcome 301st” sign on the back. Shorty afterwards 31883 arrived, followed by 31940, 31963, 32138, 31966 and 31915. The next day they were joined by 32127,31969, 32121 and 32164. These 10 EB’s then remained at Greenham until the first week of June without rotation – I guess the crews got rotated by KC-135 until the Alert ended. Unfortunately, I never did find out the dates when they departed Greenham for home – perhaps some kind person from the 301st can tell me?

    Hopefully there will be many more Crew Life stories to follow.

  2. Hello all,
    I’m the proud son of Lt Col Robert Friedli who was among the first wave of B-47’s deployed to Davis – Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ. Dad was A/C and was assigned to the 303 Rd BW. One of my earliest memories in life was peering get through the fence at the acres upon acres of mothballed airplanes. What a sight!
    Anyway, can anyone tell me what the tail markings were on the vertical fins of the 303 BW B-47’s?
    Thanks and I for one will never forget what the air crews and their B-47’s did to protect and defend our country during the cold war. Look forward to any questions or comments! ‘Jamesjet’ Friedli

  3. James j bush, 301st pilot was my father. Co pilot was Ron Boyle. Any info would be great!
    B G Bush bgbdesign at hotmail thx!

  4. I see in the Greenham Common Reflex alert two that there is a 301st bomber wing alergt Raven Two warfare communications officer Sergeant Lee. Would he by any chance be Richard Lee? Secondly, I would like some help on the TDY ops for B47s – from Upper Heyford (in March/April 1956) if anyone can help me I would be most obliged. Thanking you in advance Stephen -and thanks again to Marvin Nelms –

  5. Anyone know of Raymond Hollis? He was a B-47 pilot at March, then McConnell then Forbes when they went out of service. He was my Dad. /Ken Hollis

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