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  1. Great looking group, wish I could have been there. I was at Lockbourne, 376th 63 64 65, pilot. Neil Ferrell was my AC, great flier, learned a lot from him. Lost him for 35 years, found him,talk often now. Am looking for some one who knows about b52. “whiffle manouvers” refueling with a kc135.Is there such a thing? Scott Simon, Capt.US Air Force

      1. I was at Lake Charles La-as in the Air police. Then went to England assign to the 3928th . Guarded and town patrol after a while you know a lot about the KC97 & B47 and the crews. Hopefully more APES show at reunion like to see all the fellows that kept the snakes out.
        T.C. Bryant

  2. My father lost his life in October of 1958 at Lockbourne as a captain flying a B47. I remember him taking me to see the cockpit and being amazed at the size of the aircraft. I recently took my grandson to see the B47 & B52, two of the planes my father flew. Hats off to all of you who have served and to those who have lost family & friends. In 1970 I had all of my possessions stolen, including all of my father’s medals, patches, ribbons, bomber jacket, watch and other memorabilia. I valued them more than anything else I lost.

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