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  1. Great site. Is there any place one can purchase pictures of the B-47?
    I was with the 22d at March AFB for 10 yrs.. Thanks Tom

    1. Tom; I have in the past got a large picture (16X20 inch which I have then had framed locally) of the B-47 from the Air Force Museum at Dayton Ohio during a visit there. You might try contacting them to see if they still have them for sale.

  2. Another YouTube: “Boeing B-47 Stratojet Crash Landing,” depicts what happened when rudder was applied during flare-out, producing roll-due-to-yaw, a condition that killed a lot of crews. Luckily, Capt Jack Reynolds, the IP, and crew survived this one. “Crash Landing” is not quite correct. The plane crashed while landing. (I was there, Forbes AFB) EJM

    1. Earl; I have posted the YouTube on the “Media Page.” Thanks for the tip. I am pretty sure that was RB-47 52-726

    2. I was there also. I was an aircraft electrician with the 90th FMS. Someone came running into our shop and yelled “a plane crash.” We all ran out and saw the black smoke rising from the end of the runway. I also worked on that airplane.

    1. Ed; Could you give us an approximate date. My data base has nothing on it. Are you sure of the correct tail number?

  3. In Aug 1964, I was assigned to 3918 CAM Squadron APO 194. Does anyone know where that was? I do know it was in England. I don’t know which base.

      1. Thanks Jim,
        Thats exactly what I remembered. I spent 3 weeks at Upper-Heyford in Sept. “64. I wonder why I went there instead of Brize. My orders show I went with SSGT Ronald Stanford, so I’m sure we had a plane there too.

  4. Jim,
    I am researching a B47 crash that happened in Bird City, KS. The plane caught fire and landed in a pasture. I believe that a Skeen (not sure on spelling) was a survivor that parachuted out and there was also another one but unsure of name, the other two (?) never made it out. The current memorial at the crash site is almost gone and I am currently gathering information and will be erecting a new memorial in the near future. Any information would be greatly appreciated. What information I have leads me to believe it took off from Omaha.

    1. Ron; The accident occurred 6 Juty 1962 B-47E 53-6211, 310th BW, Schilling AFB, KS. The aircraft broke up in flight after # 2 and # 3 engines caught fire and exploded. The wing outboard of the engines was ripped off from overstressing after the two engines exploded, the copilot ejected safely. The force of the explosion shook the ground and it was seen as far as 140 miles away. One crew member survived, (name unknown) two killed (names unknown).

    2. I was the Air Force photographer at the scene of the B47 accident at Bird City, Kansas. I do not know the name of the co-pilot but the names of the men killed were First Lieutenants Douglas P. Bishop and Harry D. Welborne

      1. To varify go on this site to B47 Losses click on Losses and ejections.Some of the crashes do post the crew names and photos

      2. Any information on the planned new memorial site at Bird City, KS? I am very interested in any information you might have.

      3. I know this was a long time ago but do you recall the names of any other photographers working on scene with you sent from SAC?

      4. Are you the Johnny Birtchfield who worked in the photp lab at Schilling AFB in 1962?

    3. My name is Howard J. Steen. I was the only surviving crew member
      of this fatal B-47 accident on 6 July 1962. The plane was assigned to Schilling AFB Kansas – the origin of our flight. You can contact me if you wish – 701 640 5034. Has the new memorial been erected? It’s location?

      Major Howard J. Steen (USAF ret.)

    4. Correct name Howard J. Steen. Any information on the erection of a new memorial? I would like to visit it, Thanks

    5. My name is Howard J. Steen, USAF (ret). I was the sole survivor of this B-47 crash in 1962′ I will be interested in the erection of a new memorial at this site. I would like to plan a trip to see this new memorial. Please contact me @howienita@yahoo.com.

  5. FYI, my book, Jet Age Man-SAC B-47 & B-52 Operations in the Early Cold War contains list & narratives of all ’47 losses during the period.

  6. Sir: I was in the support section ( 100th OMS). at Pease AFB in 1965. We re-fueled all the aircraft of the 100th B.W. As you are aware we lost 4 dedicated officers in a crash occurring at Pease on take off that year. The reason for the crash was the fuel load was wrong because of my section. I have read much over the years about the characteristics of the B-47. Is it your true that the fuel load was was wrong and caused by the support section. I knew the Airman First class that paneled and filled out the fuel load. The Staff Sgt in charge signed the fuel load sheet but I think he thought the Airman knew what he was doing was correct? Any comments will be appreciated.
    Dennis Erickson.

  7. I was stationed Forbes AFB 55th A&E. 32350c February 1957 to July 1960
    APO 328. Yakota AFB japan. Radar and tail guns
    Met the copilot that was shot down over the Barent Sea April 1960. He worked at a hobby shop Annapolis Md. I think the tail number 34294.
    There was a B-47 that crashed doing touch and goes. I don’t think anyone was killed
    During the time I was at Forbes AFB I heard a couple RB-47s crashed do to an error altimeter or artificial horizon. Correct for bad information on landing

    I said I would never wear another uniform, & what did I do. 26 years as a cop at Baltimore. I have a picture of 34294 I took from a KC-97 over Japan.

    1. Robert,
      You were stationed at Forbes during period when my father’s RB-47H went down southeast of Topeka on April 29, 1960. My father was Lt. Granville Gene Harkrader, navigator. I was 16 months old and had a 3 yr old sister and a one month old sister.
      If you can provide any details you may remember, I would be very grateful.

    2. Robert, were you at Forbes on April 29, 1960? My father’s RB 47H crash killed all 3 crew members. If you remember any information, I appreciate you sharing. I was just over a year old at the time and have very little information regarding the crash.
      Thank you,

      1. Julie Harkrader Whittenberg, My husband’s cousin was in that crash. There is a monument to them at the crash site in Topeka Kansas. A farmer found plane parts, he and his friend did some research and followed up by honoring them with the monument. They had a ceremony in 2010. The gentlemen had been searching for family members. If still interested, contact me at wheaberlin@hotmail.com

      2. Julie, My Dad was also a Nav in the 55th – We we’re neighbors on Harp Place-I was about 12 at the time of your Fathers accident. I am in E- mail contact with some gentlemen who flew in the 55th. and may have more information. E-mail me at
        Muskymall@gmail.com and I can put you in touch with them.
        Tom Dawes

    3. Hi Robert, I was with the 55 a & e from 1955 to 1959. Worked on the kc 97 electronic and the B 47. Also did a try at yakota and earnest harmo n afb.

  8. On 11 Mar 1958, a B-47 from the 357th Bombardment Squadron of the 308th Bombardment Wing in Operation Snow Flurry accidentally dropped a bomb on Mars Bluff S.C. I am writing a movie based in part on that accident. I know that there was an inquiry afterwards. I am looking for a transcript of that inquiry or from the radio transmissions. I hate it as bad as anybody else when Hollywood makes up lines in a movie. I want to keep it as realistic as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Stan Brewer (e-mail Brewers@ftc-i.net)

  9. Hello – My father was a Nav in B-47’s for a number of years. He survived a crash at Sidi 27th January 1960. I have photo’s of that crash I’d like to send to this web site. Please let me know how to do this. (email attached).

  10. Another thing that I remember about the early B-47s using electrical power to close the canopy. While at McConnell, a flightline worker stuck his head through the canopy opening and told a crew member to apply power. Unfortunately the canopy handle was in the close position. Before the worker could get his head back inside the canopy closed on his neck.

  11. It was in 1965 I was in 3918th Cams Sq. we were on flight line they a Broken Arrow Alert and this not a practice the B-47 it had the drag shoot out it hit runway and bounced then cartwheeled through the alert pad we pulled out. It only damaged 2 planes on the pad I don’t think you could have through and and not hit another the path it took

  12. Does anyone remember a B47 that went down in Osage Co, OK near the towns of Sperry and Skiatook after taking off from Douglas Aircraft Co during the cold time of year on a Saturday? 3 crewmen onboard and they all survived! There was ice and snow at the time. My dad de-iced the plane and sent it out. There is a recovered aircraft part from this plane that dates to 1957… so it would have to be after or during 1957. It is not “NOT” the Mar.13, ’58 crash, Tail 928847. It was a completely different incident. Thank you!

    1. I found the plan. It was sent to Davis Mothen. Does anyone have a good print of the #1000 B47? Also, the christening at Shilling AFB Dec 17, 1954?

      1. Mark do you know the tail number or what year it was sent there? I was at Davis Monthan in 57 & 58. Maybe I can help.

  13. To Robert Becker: I was stationed @ Forbes AFB, 55th A & E Field Gunnery Shop from December 1954 to June 1960. I have information on some of the 32350C people I have kept in touch with. Joe Suther Suther5@Hughes.net

  14. Curious to know how many of you have the numbered and autographed print of 32275 in flight by Nixon Galloway? I have #136/1500. Found it in the gift shop at the Pima Air museum several years ago. Framed and proudly displayed in our Casita. Davis-Monthan (1962-1964) Mountain Home (1964-1965). TDY to Elmendorf just in time for the earthquake.

  15. I work for The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History in Albuquerque, New Mexico and we are currently working to raise funds to restore our iconic B-47E Stratojet Airplane sitting in our backyard. If you are inclined to contribute and want to learn more about this specific aircraft sitting at the museum please click on the link (or copy and paste to your browser). I hope it is ok to post this here. Thank you for your support!


  16. It must be my age, how do I respond to messages sent to my email address? This site is very confusing!
    Ray Adams 319th SRS, 90th OMS, 40th OMS.

  17. I was attached to the 91st Strat Recon at Lockbourn from May 55 to Nov 57. I remember a 47 landing short, veered left thru a ditch tearing the gear off and skidded a half mile thu a field. No fire as I recall. This was with the 321st Recon wing I think.. Later in 1960 I saw two 47 enter towering cumulus at approx 20,000 and 15,000 two times. Must have been weather research.

  18. My dad, Lt. Elmer Jones, told the story of belly landing a B-47. My mom seems to think that it was at McConnell AFB sometime between April and July of 1957. He told of the landing gear being stuck. As co-pilot he had to climb down and try different efforts (dictated through the control tower) to try to free it. Eventually, the crew decided to belly land instead of attempt ejection. An alternate time frame would have been Lake Charles from July ’57-Oct ’58. I found some old slides of the scene but I can’t find anything in the records (including https://b-47.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Boeing-B-47-Losses-and-Ejections.pdf ) I’ve recently come across my father’s old records and I would enjoy knowing more about this episode in his life. Thanks.

  19. I was on the flight line at Ramsey air base 1966-68 on the B-47 and and fly on them with the 53rd Weather Squad.

  20. I was with the 306 bomb wing, at MacDill Tampa fl. They had a name for us. They called us the one a day in Tampa bay outfit. I think we lost some where in the neighborhood of 15 to 20 B47Es from 54 to 60? Jamescaldwell1176@yahoo.com

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