Last funds from the B-47 Stratojet Association go to the SAC Museum in Nebraska

Dick Purdum, center, handing the B-47 Association check for all of the remaining association funds over to the SAC Museum to be used only for the renovation of their B-47 to the Museum President & CEO Mr. Jeffrey Cannon., left.  Hambone, right, is the head of restoration.

9 thoughts on “Last funds from the B-47 Stratojet Association go to the SAC Museum in Nebraska”

  1. Excellent use of the funds. Information, I just bought a beautiful model B47 tonight. It was still in the box, I feel lucky to have got it. Hardly anyone even knows about it,

    1. Jinx, where did you get the model and what was the price? Is it a model that you put together or was it all in one piece? I was in both the 301st & 376th OMS from 1960 – 1964 & have been looking for a B-47 model for years.

  2. looks like the outfit i was in 301 bomb wing say brad we were at lockbourne at the same time i do have a spare b-47 model we must have been know to each other

  3. William, I seem to remember you and would like to make contact with you via e-mail if it is allowed to be put on this site but I’m going to try it. . Thanks to all who replied.

  4. Thought if I won enough on Powerball, would restore one to flying status.
    We were at Brize-Norton, and sorties to Wheelus, (when Ghadaffi was in grade school).

  5. Guess not many of us left. I was at March AFB 320th bomb wing 441 Bomb Sq 1953-1955. Then Altus AFB 339th.Bomb squadron,96 Bonb wing 1955-1957

    1. 308 BW 373 BS Hunter AFB GA. B-47-E
      380th BW 380 OMS at Plattsburg AFB NY. B-47E
      Morocco, England, Greenland
      Later USAFR at Norton AFB, CA C141A

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