Omaha 2010

During the Stratojet Reunion in Omaha, a trip was made to the SAC Chapel at Offutt AFB

Inside the SAC Chapel at Offutt AFB

A view of the Chapel Window
“who shall I send – here am I send me”

SAC Memorial Wall.  It contains the names of 2,637 who lost their lives while serving in the Strategic Air Command during the “Cold War”

Also during the 2010  B-47 Association Reunion in Omaha a trip to the Strategic Air and Space Museum was scheduled for our Banquet. We were given a private showing of the B-47 on display. This is the aircraft the B-47 Association has supported with contributions for its restoration by donations. Here are some views of that evening.

Strategic Air and Space Museum Entrance

Upon arrival the missiles located at the parking oval make an impressive entrance view.
Mel Foster in front of the striking SR-71 Display at the inside entrance.
Overlooking preparations of the banquet and stage area below the SR-71 display was our reunion host Dick Purdum.

Enjoying our Banquet.

Another view of the Banquet and colors.
Our entertainment for the evening.
Our entertainment for the evening.

Dick Purdum and a former navigator on his crew Richard Kimball.

Mike Habermehl checking the entrance ladder to see if it complied  with Jim Hooppaw’s story in the July 2011 Stratojet Newsletter

Then we were off to climb up the entrance ladder once again.

Upon entry looking up and to the right is the co-pilot’s seat.
Then looking down and on your right is the 4th Man Seat, yes just a shelf or step, so a cushion was needed for sure on a long flight.
Mel Foster playing the part of Co-Pilot!
Turning around this view is toward the front looking alongside the Aircraft Commander’s seat on the right and forward to the Navigators station.
The Navigator’s station.

This view shows the second station control and the optical viewer. Note the cigarette ash tray is attached to the main inflight refueling pipeline.

Close-up of second station control and ashtray
Navigator’s table and some plotter equipment. That is a plexiglass window in the table over a bank of circuit breakers.
Looking back toward the entrance area was the view over the left shoulder of the Navigator.

This is the Aircraft Commanders view of his Instrument Panel

Now back down on the floor, looking at the forward main landing gear wheel well.
Everyone knew where the aircraft forms were kept in the forward wheel well while on the ground.
A look inside the bomb bay shows the bomb support arms and chain.
The A-5 gun control system – Rear defense
Another view
These exterior views show there is still a lot of work left to do in the restoration.
Another view from right outboard wing to cockpit.
Still waiting their turn to climb the ladder.

Nose and canopy view sporting the 301st Bomb Wing emblem

Dick Purdum and “Tiny” Malm
A seat under the B-47 on display provided by the Stratojet Association is dedicated to Bob Robbins, the pilot who flew the first XB-47 and was later in charge of production of the Boeing B-47 program  in Wichita, Kansas





Preserving the legacy of the Boeing B-47 StratoJet Bomber