Tucson 2012 Reunion

B-47 Association Reunion:

The B-47 Association Reunion was held in Tucson, AZ

November 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2012. The host was Bill Clark. Let him know how much you enjoyed the reunion.Our Musical Entertainment at the Reception Dinner Our industrious photographer. Met everyone who arrived with a smile and a flash.

A collection of former flight and ground crews gather to see the EB-47E 53-2135 and once again walk around, view and re-gain a lot of memories. (Bill Korhely)

Don Foster (back to camera) checking out the B-47 at the Pima Museum.Looking over 53-2135 the EB-47E located at the Pima Museum, Tucson AZThe lonely B-47 at TucsonMothballed C-130 (Dick Curran)YC-14 (Dick Curran)B-52G (Dick Curran)KC-135, Has a few parts missing(Dick Curran) AV-8B Marine Harrier Jet (Dick Curran)B-36, The old warrior (Dick Curran)B-52A (Dick Curran)B-52D and B-52G in cameo paint with AT-6 Texan in foreground (Dick Curran)B-52A This plane carried the X-15 to altitude. (Dick Curran)Dick in front of the EB-47E 53-2135 that he had flown in. (Dick Curran) EB-47E the only B-47 in Tucson. (Dick Curran)EC-135C This plane was one of the Airborne Command Post fleet. (Dick Curran)C-133 One of the largest turboprop cargo planes. (Dick Curran)C-121C Super Connie weather and communication plane (Dick Curran) 

More to come soon

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