Pima Museum Visit

These pictures were taken inside the Pima Air Museum. Clicking your mouse on each  of these photos should show you a full screen view.

2 thoughts on “Pima Museum Visit”

  1. Last July we visited Pima Museum, it was great touching the B-36 and B-47.
    We had at the White Stallion Ranch in Tucson and liked it very much.
    Great place to be, Arizona.

  2. 1962 Upper Heyford AFB England
    this aircraft’s condensation drain had not been pulled for some time. With the changing temperatures and intermittent rain we decided enough is enough and with some effort with screwdriver and hammer were able to remove it. It drained for about fifteen minutes creating a small stream of water from our hardstand, across the taxi way and across another hardstand to the grass. Had we not drained it who knows the damage to the underside of the cockpit structure would have occurred when this aircraft returned to Lockbourne AFB in Ohio during a cold freezing winter. 2nd Class Airmen Owen Ose from Lincoln AFB Nebraska….

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