Ft Walton Reunion 2014

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  1. For planing purposis, the Destin West RV Resort is across the street from the Ramada Inn. If staying at the RV Resort, you are afforded access to the amenities of the Ramada. If, like me, you will be traveling in an RV, it looks perfect. I’m looking forward to it. On the Good Sam Site, look up The Destin West RV Resort in Fort Walton Beach. I would make reservations now, but , at my age I don’t buy green bananas, or magazine prescriptions. Domer

  2. Hello Domer, we are not acquainted but I like your sense of humor. Green Bananas & Magazine Subscriptions!!

  3. I definitely want to attend this one. I was stationed at Eglin AFB after our wing was shut down in May ’64 and also flew JB-47s there.

    1. David; Do join us in 2013 a Ft. Walton Beach. As soon as the applications and information is available it will be published on the following pages, Reunion Page and Ft Walton Reunion page.

  4. I was stationed at Forbes, 40th A&E Bomb/Nav 1962 -1964 I have missed your reunions and looking forward to this one.

    1. Steve; Looking forward to seeing you in Ft Walton Beach next year. I was also stationed at Forbes in the 40th, I was a crew chief in the 40th OMS. Jim Diamond

  5. I work at the Air Force Armament Museum and I am in the process of repainting the RB47 aircraft here. My complete date should be around July of 2012. Hope to see you folks at the museum for a visit in 2014.

  6. I plan to attend the reunion in 2014 this will be my first time, I spent the first 17 years of my 30 year service time maintaining B47 and RB47 ‘s it’s about time I came to one .

    1. Sandy; Looking forward to seeing you in Florida 2014. Keep coming back as more information comes in on the up-coming reunion gets posted.

  7. I am not a B-47 veteran but I am a great fan of this amazing aircraft. I grew-up as a SAC Brat in the ’60’s and remember sitting in the car with my dad at runways end watching Alert 5 Scrambles using full injection. Plane after plane pouring out black smoke crabbing a cross wind. I would love to attend just to sit a listen to you great bunch of guys. Do you have associate memberships? Would be very interested in speaking to anyone associated Nuke testing like Operation Castle; Operations Greenhouse,.Dominic, Blue Gill. LABS Maneuver training!!!! I would hope some ground crew could speak about the early integral RATO/JATO installations. Oh so many things to learn! I hope I you will allow me to attend.

    1. Don; Go to the [membership] page and fill out an application. Our next reunion will be in Ft Walton Beach, FL on Oct 30 to Nov 02, 2014. We would like to have you on board. I am sure you will find many members willing to tell you about the B-47, how it flew, how it was to work on etc.

  8. Hello Jim Diamond, FYI: May I suggest that you review the Membership Section of this web site for several very recent comments dated during July 2013 that need your review/comments. I’m sure the authors of those comments would appreciate your commentary.
    George Brewer

  9. Made reservations so will see you. Hope to see Airman from Lake Charles LA 1955 – 1958 .Also tdy England etc.

    1. I was stationed at Lake Charles from 1956-1959. 66th and 67th Bomb Sqdn. Reflex at Upper Heyford, England. May see you at Ft Walton.

    2. I was at Lake Charles Sept 1953 thru Feb ,1957.66th Bomb Sqd,44th Bomb Wng.Bob Garrow.See you at Ft
      Walton Beach.Bob

  10. Hello fellow Airmen, I have been checking the web site for weeks looking for more information on the Ft Walton reunion, has anyone found out what the arrangements are and the motel’s rates , our family would like to know in order to start making our plans. Some of my family (That are still working full time job’s) are planning to drive down and spending that time for their vacation while the reunion is going on. Any information on this is appreciated. Thanks, G. Allen

  11. I have a question about restoration costs for a B-47, I was recently asked to do work on the one we have here in Plattsburgh, NY. I found a source for the emblems and other stickers for the plane, but then there is the painting that needs to be done after the cleaning. Does anyone has an estimate on cost for re lettering and numbering a plane of this size? I have done mural work and other painting jobs, but nothing like this before and haven’t the slightest idea as what to charge.

  12. Liz, if you would contact the USAF Museum in Dayton, OH, I’m certain they could answer may of you questions. I do believe 53-2385 is part of their inventory.

  13. An old 509th Bomb Wg, B-47 Flyer, 1960-1965. I have been looking trying to get a DVD or some sort of pictures of our B-47’s MITO’s. Saw one recently of B-52’s but would like to secure the B-47 MITO. Any idea where one can be obtained? Will try to arrange my schedule for the Reunion in November 2014. Looking forward to hear from someone on this topic.
    Over to You, Bob

  14. I flew in the B-47E at Lincoln Air Force Base, Nebraska, in the 307th Bomb Wing.

    If my memory serves me correctly, I amassed over 6,000 hours in the B-47E.
    It was a good airplane, but it did have some problems. I buried a few of my
    friends that didn’t “make it”.
    Wally Whitehurst…. Old retired Navigator….Living in Lincoln now, and there are a few other 307th retirees here, and we get together once a month.

    Wally Whitehurst

  15. Retired in ’72 after 20 years….came back to Lincoln, visiting,,,, was offered a job and enjoyed selling electronic components for Scott Electronic Supply….owned
    by Ray Coons, retired Navy Chief, and a very good friend.

    Wally Whitehurst

  16. This is Louise, Charlie Blain’s wife, writing for Charlie! We are sending in our registration and look forward to our very first B-47 Stratojet Reunion, yeah!!
    Charlie served with the 43rd bomb wing out of Tucson.

    This is Charlie’s 80th birthday gift, a dream come true for him…remembering back when he was the crew chief of the B-47 and the F-86.
    Serving proudly for 6 years with the US Air Force!!

    Now Charlie and I serve with Desert Angels, Inc sending much needed care packages to our Troops serving in harms way.

    Charlie and Louise Blain

  17. I have a friend, former crew-chief, Hunter and Plattsburg, living in Savannah, needs a ride to Fort Walton reunion. He was planning to attend, but due to eye sight deteriorating, cannot drive. Anybody in the area attending that could give Sandy a ride? he doesn’t have a computer, so doesn’t know that I am asking, so let me know and I will coordinate. I
    live in St Pete, and am considering going thru Savannah and picking up. Sandy went to OV-10 school in Ft Walton, so, is familiar with the route. Jerry Wooldridge

    1. Just heard from Merril ( Sheep Herder) Sanders. Unfortunately he won’t be able to join us at the reunion. He is scheduled for surgery on his eye, so, cancel my request for a ride from Savannah. I will be there this year, and hope that the Herder and I will both make the next one. He and are both getting a little long in the tooth. Jerry

  18. My father, Lt. Col. Robert Henwood, was planning on attending. B-47E Pilot 1953-1965. 6800 Hrs. He had a mild stroke a month ago and is still recovering. He was really looking forward to attending in hopes of running into some old buddies. Is there and attendee list he could look at to see if he could recognize some of his crew?

  19. I attended this reunion and must say “Thanks to all who had any part in running this event!” I enjoyed myself. Too see all these guys back together again, laughing, joking, telling old stories and so may faces with big smiles on them, was awesome.

    1. Mike,

      Would you happen to have a list of the reunion attendees?
      My father, Lt. Col Robert Henwood had hoped to attend. But could not due to a stroke. He’d love to look up some old friends.

      Jeff Henwood

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