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  1. Coffee meetings! What a great idea! But I live too far from Kansas City.

    Anybody in the Sacramento area interested?

  2. We, the AMVETS/NCO Club in conjunction with Trails & Tales Outdoors up in Hurley WI are planning on creating/repairing a memorial site in which two B-47s crashed during training flights in January and May of 1961. We are seeking donations, information, pictures and anything that may possible assist us in our task. I can be reached at trails.tales@hotmail.com or 715-561-2276. Thank you very much in advance for any information and support you may provide.

  3. In search of information on crewmen or families from B-47 crashes in Hurley WI in 1961
    CPT James P Jarrett
    LT Theodore M. Stalmach
    LT Gary H Hanify
    LT Charles F. Weise
    CPT Frank Meade III (survived)
    LT Demosthenis N. Hariton
    CPT John (Johnny) Hill (Hil) (survived)
    we are in contact with CPT Dale Rasmussen’s family
    Thank you for any assistance provided as we are dedicating a crash site memorial on June 28th 2014 in Hurley WI for the crashes of both B-47s in 1961

    1. I was 11 years old at the time of the B-47 crashes. I am 63 now. Retired AFR. Active UAL 747 Captain, about to retire. Please send me information on the planned memorial at the crash site/s. I grew up in Ironwood. I remember the crashes. I would do anything necessary to be there.

  4. I have been asked by an organization writing an historical account of aviation in northern Canada for information about my fathers aviation career. My father, who is still alive was a naval aviator, Sea Fires with the RCAF. Following WWII he was a bush pilot in the Canadian north before going into medicine. He found the wreck of 51-7033 and picked up two of the survivors including Lt. Col Kenneth McGrew. I recently discovered that a grand son of one of the deceased in the wreck is looking for any information he can find. The deceased was Robert Dean Dowdy. I do not have the name of the grand son. Is there some one in the Stratojet Organization that may be able to help me track down the grand son. I can pass along what my father told me. Best regards. Douglas Fletcher Canada 403 239 6571

  5. Hi,
    My father-in-law, Ross C. Alm, was a Bombardier/ Navigator on B-47s (also B-29s/ B-50s, I believe). I know he was assigned to the 509th at Walker AFB, NM before leaving to teach the then-new USAF Academy. Before his death several years ago, he frequently spoke about his association with SAC and B-47s during the fifties with great pride.
    I realize this may not be the correct forum to ask this in, but if anyone remembers Ross from his Walker AFB time, has information about squadron he was attached to, a specific A/C he may have been associated with, or whatever I would very much appreciate hearing from them. His daughter, Bonnie, was also in the USAF and our son is a newly-minted Air Force 2LT so it’s kind of a family inquiry.
    Thank you,
    Al Chenevert

  6. If anyone like to have coffee . 1959 to 1963 mighty 8th. 2nd bomb wing 2nd oms ass.crew chief if intrested. Airman 2nd class Richard M Pinkas. i sav or pooler area

  7. A/1C Gene Noblett. 97th A&E + 95 th A&E Biggs AFB…’56 & ’57. how about a coffee club in the Charleston, SC area.

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